2010 Live Text Commentary

SBS Bank Tour of Southland Night 3 Live Text Commentary

Date: Tuesday 31st Oct 2017 | Start at 10:00 am | Finish 1:30 pm (approx)
Invercargill - Rimu - Woodlands - Seaward Downs - Edendale - Wyndham - Mataura - Waimumu - West Gore - Mandeville - Riversdale - Otama - Knapdale - Gore

Please note: The content and frequency of updates on this LIVE TEXT COMMENTARY service is ependent on the information provided on the race radio channel, the quality of the Cellular Coverage and the atmospheric conditions. As we are passing through many rural areas in a time of the year when the weather can be changeable, there may be long periods of time when it is not possible to update the web site. In bad weather or on a stage with a lot of activity, radio priority is give to the safety of the riders and sometimes updates on the race are not possible.

Mataura Licensing Trust


Thanks for following the commentary! Check back later for the full results.


We will see you here tomorrow at 9am for Stage 4.


Jeremy Yates from Share the Road retains the PowerNet Yellow Jersey as Tour leader.


In the PSIS Under 23 jersey we will have Daniel Barry from Benchmark Homes Cycling team. He finished high enough to succesfully defend the jersey today.


In the Harcourts Sprint Ace jersey, retaining it for stage four is Roman van Uden from Pure Black racing


The HydroLink King of the Mountain the jersey goes to Joe Cooper from Subway-Avanti


Will update you shortly on the jersey wearers for the next stage.


The rest of the field is finishing now


`1st - 55 Joe Cooper (SWP)

a bike length ahead of 27 Bevan Mason (APH)


Clinton Avery takes the sprint for third.


Leaders have just gone throught the 5km mark they have 56 seconds.


We are ahead of the race, but by the sounds of it the bunch is rapidly approaching the leader. I'm not sure Cooper and Mason can hold the lead the whole way to the finish line.


10 km to go


Less than 15km to go



50 seconds from front to peloton, three dropped riders from leading group at 37 seconds.


They have at least 500m on Atkins and Crowther


Cooper and Mason keep extending their lead!


61 Josh Atkins (BMH) 42 Eliot Crowther (PNT) a few hundred meters behind


27 Bevan Mason (APH) 55 Joe Cooper (SWP) leading



33 Sean Joyce (PMK) has tailed off from the lead group.


Joe Cooper, with Bevan Mason three bike lengths behind and then a hundred meters to the next three. Just under a minute lead on the peloton.


Cooper got a small lead but the others are nearly back on his wheel. 21 Andrew McNab (OVM) has lost touch with the lead group.


Joe Cooper is attacking up the hill.


Lots of motorbikes out on course supporting the race. We have seven up here with lead group.


20 km to go, gap at 1.02


Break's lead is being maintained at 1.18


We just passed Otama school - the kids had signs saying "Go Tom Scully". It was very cute.


Gap between the two breaks is 1.18. We still have 20 kilometers to go. The boys must be getting tired by now.


Cooper takes KOM point


55 Joe Cooper (SWP) leading the leaders up the climb.


Time gap at 1.18, peloton starting the climb now.


We are on 139.2 Km Striling Sports Gore (Otama) Hill Climb at the moment.


The peloton is letting the leaders dangle out the front for a little bit longer


STR Share the Road still leading the peloton with CSB Calder Stewart Bike NZ National sitting behind them.


Heading back to Gore. About 30km to go!


Leaders only have a minute lead on the peloton.


We just passed the Riversdale Hotel. My grandparents used to own it. So did 39 Shane Archbold's (PNT) grandparents.


STR Share the Road is driving the peloton.


Time gap is one minute, one second.


Time gap is now 1.19


17 Taylor Gunman (PBR) has just joined the front of the peloton.


Hear that 10 Karl Murray (STR) from STR Share the Road is struggling a bit today.


Haven't seen much of CSB Calder Stewart Bike NZ National today.


1.29 between the leaders and the peloton.


 Results of the 118.5 Km Pub Charity Hill Climb (Mandeville / Kingston Crossing Road):

1st - 55 Joe Cooper (SWP)

2nd - 21 Andrew McNab (OVM)

3rd - 61 Josh Atkins (BMH)


Rider 17 Taylor Gunman (PBR) has been dropped from the lead group over the small climb they just went up. The leading six are putting the pace on now. 61 Josh Atkins (BMH)  and 55 Joe Cooper (SWP) looked very comfortable over the climb.


1.37 gap at 114kms.


I hear that this is party central for people from Invercargill!!


We are heading into Mandeville now.


1.28 gap between the lead group and the peloton.


110km down....


 CORRECTION: Rider 61 Josh Atkins (BMH) is in the break, not rider 51 Will Dickeson (SVS)


Break has 1.20 lead on the peloton.


It is still so still here. The stage is just like a training ride for the boys today, no weather battles to contend with.


Going to be a good afternoom with the Melbourne Cup. It's a shame to hear that Bauer has a sore hoof or else my bet would have been on him!


They already have a 50 second lead over the peloton. Peloton must be happy to let these guys go ahead for a bit - there are no real threats in there. 61 kilometers to go.


Lead group:

17 Taylor Gunman (PBR)

21 Andrew McNab (OVM)

27 Bevan Mason (APH)

33 Sean Joyce (PMK)

42 Eliot Crowther (PNT)

51 Will Dickeson (SVS)

55 Joe Cooper (SWP)



About 6 riders have a clear margin from the lead half of the peloton.


Big group has gone forward of the bunch - about half the peloton left the other half behind. A few trying to get off the front of the first group.


Atkin's teammate Daniel Barry is in the under 23 jersey.


We have done 100 kms.


 Young gun 61 Josh Atkins (BMH) seems to be leading now. He is off the front by himself, looks to have about 100 meters on the bunch.


Bunch of five off the front heading up the small hill in the middle of Gore. Could be Clinton Avery leading it up the hill.


Peloton in a few groups now but no real action to report just yet as nothing is sticking.


Lots of school kids out here to see the Tour go past.


Helloo Gore!


Lead group have all but been caught.


We are in the outskirts of Gore. We travel out to Riversdale before looping back into Gore for the finish.


The lead that they have is very minimal and doesn't look as if they will be able to get away.


That is a strong break with a few of the key players in it.


Break is:


9 Jack Bauer (STR)

13 Glen Chadwick (PBR)

30 Clinton Avery (APH)

35 Pedro Palma (PMK)

45 Sergio Hernandez (JPW)

49 Alex Meenhorst (SVS)


Looking through the sprint results it looks as if Roman van Uden has done enough to retain the jersey for this stage.


We are waiting for the numbers of the group that is away.


There's a lull in the race right now so Brenton and Graeme are deep in conversation about rugby. I know nothing about this!


Six riders gone clear..


Leaders have been caught by the peloton.


There are two riders who are out of the Tour after the crash yesterday. Youngster 70 Thomas Hubbard (CSU) and 28 Mike Torckler (APH). Mike won the Trust House Tour of Wellington this year so a massive loss to his Ascort Park Team.


Peloton mowing down the lead two. Not going to be long before they are caught.


We have done 84kms so far.


Time gap now of 40 seconds from leaders back to lead of peloton.


Peloton at the top of the hill now - it has split dramatically. Two leading, and then a combination of smaller groups.


James and Mike back together now.


On the hill now. Time gap is 1.40. Peloton just starting the bottom of the climb now. James Williamson has about 30 meters on Northey.


Leaders just to past the 80.6 Km Bell And Wyatt (Waimumu) Hill Climb point. 


Good to see 56 Michael Vink (SWP) back in action today. He came down badly in the crash yesterday, was in the ambulance, but then called for his bike, got back on and rode up Bluff Hill to finish the stage. Gutsy ride by this young man. I heard from him this morning and he said that the Tour has only just begun!


The leaders are holding their lead at 1 minute 30 seconds.


Leaders are heaing through Matuara now. A small town from which Jimmy Cowan hails, or so I am told.


Predictions for today's finish:

Brenton (Radio Sport) Tom Scully or Roman van Uden to take the win in a bunch sprint. But you can't discount Greg Henderson!


Graham Atkinson (driver) Henderson or Bauer, but its going to be a lottery if its a bunch sprint.


We will re-evaluate after about 140kms when we know abit more about what the finish is going to look like.


It is a nice joy ride for us through the Southland countryside today. Looking nice and green down here.


1.23 gap from leaders to the lone rider 47 Christian Parrett (JPW) and 1.33 from the leaders back to the bunch. This is at 68 kilometers.


 Rider 47 Christian Parrett (JPW) is about 100 meters off the front of the peloton


Time check is 43 seconds between break and chasing group of riders 49 Alex Meenhorst (SVS)  61 Josh Atkins (BMH) 59 Ian Smallman (SWP) 7 Gordon McCauley (STR)


Yep so not a lot happening here while the bunch feeds and takes "urine stops". The two out the front are working well together. Running a time check at the moment so shouldn't be long until I can update you.


60km on the clock now. Lots of feeding going on back in the peloton.


We are heading through Wyndham now with the race leaders.


Nice day for a ride in the sun.


Leader's gap is growing. But long way to go for them. We have done 54km, so 100 still to go. Time gap is 58 seconds.


The leaders have a 43 second lead. We have just passed through Edendale, heading towards Wyndham now.


It is completely still here today. No wind at all right now. Hoping that we will get some tough weather over the course of the week to make it a bit more interesting.


 The leaders have a 21second lead.


Riders 14 Mike Northey (PBR)  and 57 James Williamson (SWP) are now the race leaders. Everyone else is in the peloton.


If my chatter goes quite for a wee while it is because I have lost internet coverage. I will continue to update it while offline and as soon as I am back in action all the comments will come through in the right order so you won't miss a thing.


41 Chris Nicholson (PNT) 42 Eliot Crowther (PNT) are about 100 meters off the front of the break heading towards the break.


Time gap is 17 seconds. Leaders are 14 Mike Northey (PBR) 43 Michael Olheiser (JPW) 55 Joe Cooper (SWP) 57 James Williamson (SWP)


We are approaching the 43.2 Km Edendale Butchery (Seaward Downs Preschool) Sprint  


This stage was won last year by Logan Hutchings from Jason Barlow, Paul Odlin and Wade Magnham.


Ridings bridging the gap between peloton and break are:

32 Matt Sillars (PMK) 24 William Tehan (OVM) 50 George Bennett (SVS) 74 Cameron Karwowski (STH) 99 Benjamin Blaugrund (MXC)

Although please note that the radio coverage is particularily bad here so may have misheard some of these numbers. Will confirm them as soon as I can.


Front of the race is 55 Joe Cooper (SWP) 57 James Williamson (SWP) 14 Mike Northey (PBR) 43 Michael Olheiser (JPW)


We have travelled 32km so far. Peloton has caught the chasing bunch of three and are closing in on the leader.


13 Glen Chadwick (PBR) 35 Pedro Palma (PMK) and 53 Richard Ussher (SVS) are chasing.


Gap closed considerably now that he has taken the sprint points, he has sat up. Looks as if 16 Roman van Uden (PBR) sprint ace leader would have taken second in the sprint.


He wins the 29.7 Km Blue Sky Meats (Nz) Ltd Sprint  


Leader is 43 Michael Olheiser (JPW) - has about a 300m lead back to the peloton.


The peloton is a bit disorganised in the chase, and the gap is stretching out a bit. Will confirm asap who is out the front.


There is one rider out the front, could be 43 Michael Olheiser (JPW). Got about 50m. Group of six or so marginally infront of the peloton.


13 Glen Chadwick (PBR)  and 43 Michael Olheiser (JPW) have a 50 meter lead.

There is a group of about 15 chasing them.


16 Roman van Uden (PBR) just took out 22.5 Km Woodlands Tavern (Woodlands School) Sprint  


 Have been chased down and looks as if all are back together now.


George Bennett is off the front with another rider. Great to see George being prominent today. He represented NZ at the UCI Road World Champs this year. He made some massive moves on the last lap of the under 23 road race. Many had picked him to win yesterday's stage as he is quite the climber.


Pace is on - the peloton is stretched out down the road.


 We are 16.5km into the race.


This tour requires a massive Police presence to ensure that all the roads are safe for the racing. A massive thank you to the NZ Police for supporting the Tour and making it possible! The Tour is the highlight of the year for Invercargill.


At 165.00 km this is the longest stage on the tour. There are a few short sharp climbs for the boys today.


There are a few riders trying to get off the front, but the peloton is holding on to them.


 Field all back together.


George Bennett has 50m on the break. Break about to be joined  by the peloton.


7 seconds lead, likely they will get caught.


STR Share the Road is driving the peloton.


 Six in the break:

14 Mike Northey (PBR)

24 William Tehan (OVM)

50 George Bennett (SVS)

57 James Williamson (SWP)

71 Andrew Mackay (CSU)

76 Ruaraidh McLeod (STH)



About 7 riders have a 50m lead of the bunch.


Heading out of Gore at close to 60km/h.


3.4 Km Deep South Ice Cream (Verdon College) Sprint results:

1 30 Clinton Avery (APH)

2 16 Roman van Uden (PBR)

3 2 Greg Henderson (CSB)


Please note all of these results are provisional.


The riders have just completed the first four sprints. We will endeavour to get these results as soon as they are radioed through.


1.7 Km Gorton A Uto Electricians Sprint the second sprint went to:

79 Aaron Gate (TMT)

74 Cameron Karwowski (STH)

14 Mike Northey (PBR)



Pace on at the front as riders race for the 1.1 Km Parkside Panels Ltd Sprint 




At Southland Girls High Schools. Stopping breifly to get everyone together and then they're off racing.


Nice little loop through the city bypassing heaps of the schools. The kids are out in force to see the riders. Hopefully this will inspire many to get out on their bikes!


Minor detour for our car as we went the wrong way and had to do a mad dash through the streets to get back infront of the peloton. Felt a bit like we were in a police chase scene from a movie.


We apologise for yesterday when the server crashed right when we were at the top of Bluff Hill! We have had the problem looked out so are hopeful that you will be alright today. Great to know that so many people are following the commentary.


Racing proper doesn't start until we hit Southland Girls. No doubt there will be many a teenage girl out there supporting the boys in lycra!


Sarah here from BikeNZ. I will providing the updates for you today. My partner-in-crime Tony Corkill from PowerNet has to work today. Great to see so many PowerNet staff around supporting the Tour.


And they're off! We start with a tiki-tour through the streets of Invercargill before heading out towards Gore.


Good morning. We are waiting at the ILT Velodrome for the race to start. Beautiful morning here in Invercargill. Its going to be a stunner of a day!


Sarah from Bike NZ is providing the live text commentary today.



8 Jeremy Yates (STR) will be wearing the yellow  PowerNet Tour Leader's jersey.

16 Roman van Uden (PBR) will be in the green Harcourts Sprint Ace jersey.

9 Jack Bauer (STR) will be in the Hydraulink/Jesco King of the Mountains polka dot jersey.

62 Daniel Barry (BMH) is the PSIS Under 23 leader in the pink jersey.


Welcome to stage 3 of the 2010 PowerNet Tour of Southland.

Stage 3 is 165km and is sponsored by Mataura Licensing Trust.

The stage starts at the ILT Velodrome in Invercargill and folows this route : Invercargill - Rimu - Woodlands - Seaward Downs - Edendale - Wyndham - Mataura - Waimumu - West Gore - Mandeville - Riversdale - Otama - Knapdale - Gore .

The sprints and climbs on this stage are listed below.

1.1 Km Parkside Panels Ltd Sprint 

1.7 Km Gorton A Uto Electricians Sprint 

2.4 Km Bowmont Wholesale Meats Sprint 

3.4 Km Deep South Ice Cream (Verdon College) Sprint 

12.7 Km Woodlands Motors (Rimu School) Sprint  

22.5 Km Woodlands Tavern (Woodlands School) Sprint  

29.7 Km Blue Sky Meats (Nz) Ltd Sprint  

43.2 Km Edendale Butchery (Seaward Downs Preschool) Sprint  

51.3 Km Edendale Dairy Sprint  

56.2 Km Rodgers Garage Wyndham (Schools) Sprint  

57.2 Km J. B. & S. G. Price Ltd Wyndham Sprint (Bonus)  

75.7 Km Falls Hotel Mataura Sprint  

80.6 Km Bell And Wyatt (Waimumu) Hill Climb S  

96.4 Km Hokonui Haulage (West Gore School) Sprint  

97.2 Km Churchy’S Meat Sprint (Bonus) 

98.4 Km Hokonui Gold Radio (Broughton Street) Hill Climb  

118.5 Km Pub Charity Hill Climb (Mandeville / Kingston Crossing Road) 

130.1 Km Blue Diamond Riversdale Sprint 

139.2 Km Striling Sports Gore (Otama) Hill Climb 

145 Km Carnaby Cars (Otama School) Sprint 

165 Km Mataura Licensing Trust Stage Finish