2010 Live Text Commentary

SBS Bank Tour of Southland Night 4 Live Text Commentary

Date: Wednesday 1st Nov 2017 | Start at 9:00 am | Finish 11:25 am (approx)
Invercargill - Wallacetown - Waianiwa Otahuti - Isla Bank Fairfax - Otautau - Orawia - Tuatapere

Please note: The content and frequency of updates on this LIVE TEXT COMMENTARY service is ependent on the information provided on the race radio channel, the quality of the Cellular Coverage and the atmospheric conditions. As we are passing through many rural areas in a time of the year when the weather can be changeable, there may be long periods of time when it is not possible to update the web site. In bad weather or on a stage with a lot of activity, radio priority is give to the safety of the riders and sometimes updates on the race are not possible.

Pub Charity & Waiau Hotel


Roman van Uden (Pure Black) retains the Harcourts Sprint Ace jersey.

Daniel Barry (Benchmark Homes) retains the PSIS Under 23 leader jersey.

George Bennett (SVS) takes the HydroLink King of Mountains jersey

Jeremy Yates (Share the Road) retains the yellow PowerNet leaders jersey.

STR Share the Road is also leading the teams classification.


Jersey presentations very shortly.



The last rider just rolled in.


57 James Williamson (SAP) in third? Please note this is provisional.. still waiting for official confirmation.


14 Mike Northey (PBR) takes second for Pure Black


Second place went to Pure Black... from what I saw it could have been a Subway-Avanti rider in third


Just waiting for confirmation of the podium places from this race - it was close thats for sure!


Massive bunch sprint for the win


From a Pure Black rider in second


Greg Henderson takes the win



From what we have heard the lead three may have been caught


We are at the finish line waiting for the riders came through will get race update asap


Getting a little bit windy down here...


Commissiares are predicting that the leaders will get caught and it will be a bunch gallop for the win.


Leaders are 30 Clinton Avery (APH) 50 George Bennett (SVS) 58 Sam Horgan (SAP)


26 second gap from leaders to peloton


Time check running now..


We are shooting ahead of the race so we can positioned at the finish to bring you the results as they cross the line. There is 10km left for the riders.


It is likely that the lead three will get caught by the bunch and it may be a bunch sprint for the finish..


The lead three are flying


Little bit of a tailwind here..


The lead three are working extremely well together, no mucking around here.


Peloton hot on the heels of the break..


Looks as if 55 Joe Cooper (SAP) and 50 George Bennett (SVS) may be equal on points for the KOM jersey.

16 Roman van Uden (PBR) should safely have the Harcourts Sprints Ace jersey


74.4 Km Blacks Garage (Orawia) Sprint  

1 30 Clinton Avery (APH)

2 58 Sam Horgan (SAP)

3 50 George Bennett (SVS)


STR Share the Road is leading the peloton over the climb. The time gap is about 40 seconds. We have done 71km.


All three are still together over the top of the climb.


Avery and Horgan are chasing his wheel.


Bennett is attacking


They only have a 38 second lead now


Heading up a (smallish) hill now, expecting a few fireworks up here..


20km to go..


The three leaders 30 Clinton Avery (APH) 50 George Bennett (SVS) 58 Sam Horgan (SAP) have a 52 second lead.


Should the server crash again at the stage end (fingers crossed it doesn't!) I will update the BikeNZ Facebook page with the top three finish results. Someone will also get them onto the Cycling Southland Facebook page so check one of those! But all going well the server will hold up here.


Just lost internet there for a short moment but looks like we are back in action now.


A big hello to BikeNZ staff throughout the country who are following this. I know you wish you were here..


Cancel that rider 99 Benjamin Blaugrund (MXC) is going back to the peloton.


99 Benjamin Blaugrund (MXC) is attempting to bridge across to the lead three.


Oooh! Sounds like there was a little prang back in the convoy. A nose to tail between PMK Placemakers and TMT Team Motatapu. 


We are heading up some small hills at the moment - just little rolling things. A couple of KOM points up for grab soon. My money is on 50 George Bennett (SVS) to take those.


Leaders have a 53 second lead at 57km.


I hear we are passing 77 Matthew Marshall's (STH) place sometime soon. He did a fantastic stage on Monday to be the first Southlander up Bluff Hill. He also rode extremely well to take third in the under 23 race at the RaboDirect Elite Road National Champs in Christchurch earlier this year.


Results of the last two sprints (both the same):

1 30 Clinton Avery (APH)

2 58 Sam Horgan (SAP)

3 50 George Bennett (SVS)

It looks as if Avery is hunting down the sprint jersey.

They have a 57 second lead.



The lead three are holding their lead at a minute. They will take the sprint points from the 54.3 Km Otautau Four Square Supermarket Sprint  


Leaders are in Otautau at the moment. Once a timber town, it is now slowing down significantly


Bruce Ross and Cycling Southland are doing an amazing job running this tour. If only they could crank up the wind!


Many of the teams have race radios this year. I feel a bit sorry for the Subway-Avanti riders having to listen to Hayden Godfrey for 900kms!!


The lead is at one minute at 48 km.


Riders completed 44km in the first hour.


The leaders have a 52 second lead.


Halfway through the stage. I know that Graeme Bell (commissiare) is looking forward to getting to Tuatapere for a sausage pie!


44km on the clock here.


And by decent I mean at least a minute and a half...


Our three leaders are 30 Clinton Avery (APH)  50 George Bennett (SVS) 58 Sam Horgan (SAP)

We don't have a current time gap at the moment but they do have a decent lead.


Many of the riders are disappointed with the weather... who wants to race a bike in the sun? Too easy.


Good to see the CSB Calder Stewart Bike NZ National supporters out in full force on the course. Rumour tells me Greg Henderson's parents are out watching today.


Results of 38.2 Km Waterforce (Isla Bank School) Sprint (Bonus) 

1 30 Clinton Avery (APH)

2 50 George Bennett (SVS)

3 58 Sam Horgan (SAP)



No sign of the wind yet unfortunately. Hopefully this afternoon as we head towards the coast there will be!


Lead three approaching the 38.2 Km Waterforce (Isla Bank School) Sprint (Bonus) 


It was great to see SAP Subway Avanti take the stage win yesterday after a horrific day on Monday where most of the team went down. It seems like Stage 2 of this race really doesn't like them!


16 Roman van Uden (PBR) is back in the peloton. STR Share the Road is driving the peloton.


The commissaires are having a bit of banter on the radios at the moment.. Graham Sycamore and Zac Prendergast having a yarn (about the race of course!) I'm a bit too young to get some of their jokes!


Looks like 16 Roman van Uden (PBR) will be picked up by the peloton when they come through. The leaders have 43 seconds.


Looks like a rear wheel service needed for 16 Roman van Uden (PBR)


Wishing you were here as well? Make sure you are in Christchurch early January for the RaboDirect Elite Road National Championships. It is a fantastic event where the spectators have more fun then the riders! Check it out at www.elitenationals.co.nz


Paddy Bevin won this stage last year, he was a junior then.


The lead is now about 46 seconds.


We are on a nice little bit of undulating road at the moment which gives us a good view of the race behind.


We have completed close to 30km at the moment so this is going to be a fast stage.


34 second lead for the break.


The rider who was attempting to bridge up to the lead has gone back to the peloton.


Break of four has a 20 second lead and a rider in the middle at 15 seconds.

The lead are:

16 Roman van Uden (PBR)

30 Clinton Avery (APH)

50 George Bennett (SVS)

58 Sam Horgan (SAP)


A bit of action happening at the front of the peloton, a few people trying to get away. Names heard are 50 George Bennett (SVS)  and 58 Sam Horgan (SAP)...


Sprint results of the last three sprints:

14.2 Km Christmas Magic Sprint  

1 13 Glen Chadwick (PBR)

2 22 Alex Ray (OVM)

3 39 Shane Archbold (PNT)


14.3 Km Wallacetown Tavern Sprint  

1 30 Clinton Avery (APH)

2 22 Alex Ray (OVM)

3 50 George Bennett (SVS)


14.6 Km Jackson Plumbing Sprint  

1 13 Glen Chadwick (PBR)

2 30 Clinton Avery (APH)

3 39 Shane Archbold (PNT)


Field is all back together again at 18 km.


The first edition of New Zealand Road Cyclist has just been launched. 

New Zealand's first dedicated Road Cycling magazine - written by cyclists for cyclists.

Visit www.nzroadcyclist.co.nz  for more about this new publication.


The lead group is:

13 Glen Chadwick (PBR)

22 Alex Ray (OVM)

30 Clinton Avery (APH)

39 Shane Archbold (PNT)

50 George Bennett (SVS)

60 Nick Lovegrove (SAP)

They have 15 seconds at 14kms.



Change that - someone can't count! (It wasn't me!) There are about four riders off the front. Will let you know who soon. They have a small lead..


There are about a dozen riders who are gradually working their way off the front of the peloton.


We have passed through the first four sprints:

3.3 Km Blue Star Taxis (James Hargest Junior College) Sprint 

6.5 Km Hunter Furniture Sprint 

6.8 Km Barnes Oysters (Sacred Heart) Sprint 

8.1 Km L. R. Mclean Sprint 


As we are in front of the peloton we didn't see the results. But as soon as the results are radioed through I will let you know.


I know that the current Harcourts Sprint Ace leader 16 Roman van Uden (PBR) was in the mix for the sprints.


12 Jason Allen (STR) won this stage back when he was a junior (a few years ago now!) No doubt he will be looking for a repeat performance. If STR Share the Road send him up the road all day they won't have to do the chasing.


My goodness the riders are flying now! Police cars roaring up the road, spectators everywhere it is all very exciting.


Lots of schools have the kids in Hi-Vis vests. Good to see them being safety conscience.


Passing James Hargest High School now.


Racing has started!!


Just passed another school they all had CSB Calder Stewart Bike NZ National bangers. And signs for STR Share the Road. Very cool!!


Service problem at the moment so start being delayed slightly..


SAP Subway Avanti is being supported here by all the school kids who have the yellow Subway bangers.


Peloton rolling neutralised through the streets of Invercargill now. Not too long until they will be off racing!


Heading up to Tuatapere today where apparently they make the best sausages in New Zealand. 88.4km this stage. In the afternoon we will wind our way through to Winton.


Good morning y'all! Sarah here from BikeNZ. Another spectacular day here in Invercargill. Hopefully we are going to get a nice dose of wind today to make this race interesting!


The winner last year was Patrick Bevin riding for Ascot Park Hotel in a time of 2:21:19.



8 Jeremy Yates (STR) will be wearing the yellow  PowerNet Tour Leader's jersey.

16 Roman van Uden (PBR) will be in the green Harcourts Sprint Ace jersey.

55 Joe Cooper (SAP) will be in the Hydraulink/Jesco King of the Mountains polka dot jersey.

62 Daniel Barry (BMH) is the PSIS Under 23 leader in the pink jersey.


The following sprints and climbs for stage 4 are as follows:

3.3 Km Blue Star Taxis (James Hargest Junior College) Sprint 

6.5 Km Hunter Furniture Sprint 

6.8 Km Barnes Oysters (Sacred Heart) Sprint 

8.1 Km L. R. Mclean Sprint 

12.3 Km Isla Bank Butchery Sprint  

14.2 Km Christmas Magic Sprint  

14.3 Km Wallacetown Tavern Sprint  

14.6 Km Jackson Plumbing Sprint  

27.2 Km Graham And John Atkinson (Waianiwa School) Sprint  

38.2 Km Waterforce (Isla Bank School) Sprint (Bonus) 

53 Km Allied Petroleum Otautau Sprint  

54.3 Km Otautau Four Square Supermarket Sprint  

62.5 Km Pub Charity (Rackles) Hill Climb 

72.4 Km D. T. K Ing & Co. (Orawia) Hill Climb 

74.4 Km Blacks Garage (Orawia) Sprint  

88.4 Km Pub Charity And Waiau Hotel Stage Finish  


Welcome to the live text commentary for stage 4 of the 2010 PowerNet Tour of Southland. This 88.4 km stage is sponsored by Pub Charity & Waiau Hotel and starts at the ILT Velodrome in Invercargill at 9:00.

The riders will pass though the following places this morning. Invercargill - Wallacetown - Waianiwa – Otahuti - Isla Bank – Fairfax - Otautau - Orawia - Tuatapere