2010 Live Text Commentary

SBS Bank Tour of Southland Night 9 Live Text Commentary

Date: Thursday 5th Nov 0201 | Start at 1:30 pm | Finish 3:00 pm (approx)
Winton - Springhills - Grove Bush - Myross Bush - Invercargill (Gala Street)

Please note: The content and frequency of updates on this LIVE TEXT COMMENTARY service is ependent on the information provided on the race radio channel, the quality of the Cellular Coverage and the atmospheric conditions. As we are passing through many rural areas in a time of the year when the weather can be changeable, there may be long periods of time when it is not possible to update the web site. In bad weather or on a stage with a lot of activity, radio priority is give to the safety of the riders and sometimes updates on the race are not possible.

Ascot Park Hotel


Stage Presentation

Barry Harcourt receives a special award for his contribution to cycling from Graham Sycamore and Bruce Ross.


Joseph Cooper from Subway-Avanti wins the Hydraulink/Jesco Kind of the Mountains


Roman van Uden from Pure Black racing wins the Harcourts Sprint Ace jersey


Hayden Roulston for Calder Stewart BikeNZ National wins the PowerNet Tour of Southland




9 Jack Bauer (STR) gets a 2 second time bonus for finishing 3rd but 1 Hayden Roulston (CSB) finishes in the main bunch to get the same time to win the 2010 PowerNet Tour of Southland  by 2 seconds.

This is the 4th PowerNet Tour win for Hayden Roulston (CSB).


1 Hayden Roulston (CSB) takes out the PowerNet Tour of Southland


Finishing order for stage 9

2 Greg Henderson (CSB) 

39 Shane Archbold (PNT)

9 Jack Bauer (STR) 

67 Joseph Chapman (CSU) 

14 Mike Northey (PBR)

22 Alex Ray (OVM)

101 James Northey (MXC)

38 Myron Simpson (PNT)


1 2 Greg Henderson (CSB)

2 39 Shane Archbold (PNT)

3 9 Jack Bauer (STR)

Unofficial results!!


The lead car has just turned down into the finishing straight


They shouldn't be too far away now from the finish...


Just came around for the bell lap.43 Michael Olheiser (JPW) was leading, the whole bunch together. It was single file as they came down the finishing straight


Is this going to be Rolly's fourth Tour win?


Great to see so many people here supporting cycling


Hundreds of people here waiting for the finish...


Assuming that the peloton have caught the three leaders although we won't know until they come back around very shortly...


Lead three just came around, peloton about 10 seconds behind them


10th December, Auckland - 2011 RaboDirect Criterium National Championships. Fast paced racing with NZ's top riders - don't miss it.

www.smartsport.co.nz for more info


Riders are all on the circuit now


Onto Gala Street now. We are going to pull over onto the Gala Street reserve ready for the finish. Big crowd gathered .


Gap closing down to 20 seconds


38 second gap at the Herbert Street.

Onto Kelvin Street now.


50.1 Km Windsor New World (Herbert Street) Sprint  

50 George Bennett (SVS)

15 Shem Rodger (PBR)

12 Jason Allen (STR)


38 seconds


Onto Herbert Street now with about 3.5 laps to go.


58 seconds at Queens Drive.


There are a lot of people at the roundabout as we turn onto Queens Drive at 47.7km.


We have just passed the 20km sign. The gap was 1:11.


APH Ascot Park Hotel leading the peloton


20km to go...


The gap at Bainfield Road was 1:17.


The race distance is now 43 km as we turn into Bainfield Road. 


You have to check out at the action at the ILT Festival of Speed, 7-9 December. With international competition and the inclusion of the 2011 RaboDirect Madison National Champs it is an event not to be missed.


For more information head to www.cyclingsouth.org.nz


The gap at Mill Road North was 1:24.


12 Jason Allen (STR)15 Shem Rodger (PBR) 50 George Bennett (SVS) has just turned onto Mill Road North.


The three leaders are still looking pretty good as we progress along the Lorneville-Dacre Road towards the turn off to Mill Road North.


At the Kennington-Rosslyn Bush Road the gap is 1:09.


Benchmark Homes boys are doing a lot of work on the front of the peloton.


The leaders have just turned off onto the Rakahouka - Hedgehope Road.

The time gap was missed.

Turning onto the Lorneville Dacre Road, the gap was missed as well.

At the Rakahouka Church the gap was 1:09.


Current time gap is 1.09



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Time gap from lead three to peloton is 1.12


1.19 is the time gap. The leaders have just completed the Hill Climb

50 George Bennett (SVS)

15 Shem Rodger (PBR)

10 Karl Murray (STR)


26.4 Km Southern Paints PPG Industrial Coatings (Grove Bush) Hill Climb 

50 George Bennett (SVS)

15 Shem Rodger (PBR)

12 Jason Allen (STR)


The breakaway group are rolling along very nicely all contributing to the effort. The last time gap was 1:16.


At the turn off to Tussock Creek, the gap was 1:18. The wind has just got up.


1.18 from leaders to peloton


1:15 lead after 22km. There are a lot of people put watching on the route back to Invercargill.



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1.12 is the time gap.


1.08 time gap now. We have done 17km


The gap has extended to 30 seconds after15 km.


Gap now 30 seconds


22 second gap at Springhills-Tussock Creek Road.



Who is your favourite rider? Is it Gordon McCauley, the 'people's champion' after his heroic ride in the road race at the Commonwealth Games? Or is it Jack Bauer for beating Roulston and Dean in a sprint to take the national title?

You can have the chance to vote for the People's Choice Award to be awarded at the BikeNZ Road and Track Rider of the Year awards. Nominations will open shortly, then you will have the chance to vote on the top five nominations

Check www.bikenz.org.nz and www.elitenationals.co.nz next week for more information



19 Floyd Landis (OVM) did not get across. We have travelled 12km and the leading 3 have a 12 second lead.



There have been some awesome rides this year by many kiwi cyclists. The BikeNZ Road and Track Rider of the Year awards will be held in conjunction with the 2011 RaboDirect Elite Road National championships in Christchurch, first weekend in January.

Finalists in each category will be announced later this month. Check www.bikenz.org.nz and www.elitenationals.co.nz in the next few weeks for more information.


CSB Calder Stewart Bike NZ National on the front of the peloton


22 Alex Ray (OVM) is trying to get across as well. He was unsuccessful.

A SAP Subway Avanti rider is also trying to bridge the gap. He failed.

12 Jason Allen (STR) 15 Shem Rodger (PBR) 50 George Bennett (SVS) are 12 seconds ahead with 19 Floyd Landis (OVM) in TT mode trying to join the leading 3 riders.


19 Floyd Landis (OVM) attempting to bridge across to the leaders


15 Shem Rodger (PBR) 105 Kevin Strongman (BSB) have joined the leading 2 approaching Browns.


The phone coverage has been a bit dodgy on this stage in previous years. Hopefully it may have improved these year.

12 Jason Allen (STR) 50 George Bennett (SVS) have gone off the front after 7km.


50 George Bennett (SVS) has joined Allen


12 Jason Allen (STR) has gone off the front




4.1 Km AB Lime Sprint 

31 Fraser Birmingham (PMK)

61 Josh Atkins (BMH)

69 James Gibson (CSU)


Theres a group of about 10 riders trying to get away


100 Kevin O'Donnell (MXC) has a 50m lead


The race has just started on Florence Road in Winton. Overcast conditions with little wind. 


They're racing!!


9 Jack Bauer (STR) is four seconds behind 1 Hayden Roulston (CSB)


This is going to be a fast stage from Winton into Invercargill


Welcome to the last stage of the PowerNet Tour of Southland


Welcome to the live text commentary for stage 9 of the 2010 PowerNet Tour of Southland. This 64.40 km stage is sponsored by Ascot Park Hotel  and starts in Winton at 13:30 (1:30 pm).

The live text commentary today is being provided by Tony Corkill (PowerNet) and Sarah van Boheemen (Bike NZ).

The riders will pass though the following places today: Winton - Springhills - Grove Bush - Myross Bush - Invercargill (Gala Street) 

Romain Fondard won this stage last year with a time of 1:35:38, ahead of Jack Bauer and Patrick Bevin.

Previous Stage Winners 

2002 1:21.59 Scott Guyton

2003 1:35.46 Fraser MacMaster

2004 1:20.33 Greg Henderson

2005 1:31.46 Greg Henderson

2006 1:30.41 Kristian House

2007 1:29.54 Thomas Zirbel

2008 1:26.07 Dominique Rollin

2009 1:35.38 Romain Fondard

Sprints and Climbs

4.1 Km AB Lime Sprint 

7.8 Km Central Southland Tab Sprint 

26.4 Km Southern Paints PPG Industrial Coatings (Grove Bush) Hill Climb 

50.1 Km Windsor New World (Herbert Street) Sprint  

52.1 Km Hewat Galt (Gala Street) Sprint  

54.2 Km Prohealth Physiotherapy (Herbert Street) Sprint  

56.2 Km Henderson Construction Ltd Sprint (Bonus) 

60.3 Km Pgg Wrightson AON Insurance Brokers Sprint  

64.4 Km Ascot Park Hotel Stage Finish  


1 Hayden Roulston (CSB) will wear the yellow PowerNet Tour Leader's jersey.

16 Roman van Uden (PBR) is in the green Harcourts Sprint Ace jersey.

55 Joe Cooper (SAP) is wearing the Hydraulink/Jesco King of the Mountains polka dot jersey.

61 Josh Atkins (BMH) is still in the PSIS Under 23 leader in the pink jersey.

STR Share the Road continue to lead the Wensley's Cycles Teams Classification.