Following is a list of the officials who have volunteered their time and expertise for this year’s PowerNet Tour of Southland.

 Tour Director Bruce Ross
 Committee Bruce Ross, Lloyd Smith, Peter Graham, Amy Merrilees, Pam Ross, Suzanne Wootten, Bill Anderson, Graham Sycamore, Julie Irvine, Tony Scannell, Robin Criglington, Nick Jeffrey.
 Tour Treasurer Amy Merrilees
 Tour Secretary Suzanne Wootten
 Accommodation Officer Pam Ross
 PowerNet Limited Martin Walton (Chief Executive Officer), Lyn Daly (Business Services Manager), Phil Mulvey (PowerNet Ltd Chairman).
 Chief Commissaire Zac Prendergast
 Assistant Commissaires Graham Sycamore, John Vercoe, Stephen Canny, Graham Bell, Paul Dahl, Sier Vermunt, Jan Carrol, Geoff Campbell, Tony Hammington.
 Bike NZ Representatives Paul Dahl, Sarah van Boheemen
 Sport Southland Representatives Jim Thomson, Rose French
 Finishing Line Camera Operators Bernie Scholes, Jonathan Muhl
 Drivers Ray Robinson, Lloyd Smith, Robyn Vercoe, Grant Toomey, Lezlie Smith, Peter Robinson, Neil Cleghorn, Graeme Atkinson.
 STMS Tony Scannell, Matt Sillars
 Traffic Management Brendon Sheehy, John Young
 Judges Murray Thomas, Neville Tomlins, Ross McKerchar, Russell Drake, Edgar Potter, Ross Tangney, David Ross, Bugs Lindsay, Dick Tippett.
 Event Commentators Julian Ineson, Nick Jeffrey.
 Video Operators Waine Harding, Robin Criglington, Geoff Campbell
 Timekeepers Geoff Campbell (Chief), Grant Toomey, Bruce Dawe, Amy Dawe.
 Results Data Hank van Til, Derrick Nelson, Susan Nelson.
 Website Flatout, Lyn Daly (PowerNet), Scott Murch (PowerNet), Tony Corkill (PowerNet).
 Website Commentary Tony Corkill (PowerNet), Sarah van Boheemen (Bike NZ).
 Patrols Kevin Laidlaw, Roger Turnbull, Dave Clark, Danny Wyatt, Slim Low, Mamie Laidlaw, Chris Beullens, Michael McNamara, Graeme Roff, Barbara Roff, Peter Auton,Colin Anderson, Invercargill Fire Police.
 Motor Cycle Patrols Graham Thomson, Ewan Chamberlain, Reece Dennison
 Neutral Support Geoff Adams, Neil Jamieson, Chris Henderson, Erin Criglington, Tania White, Michael White, Geof Keogh.
 Advance Publicity Robin Criglington, Nick Jeffrey, Jo Shaw.
 Race Headquarters Bill and Claire Anderson (PGG Wrightson Caravan).
 Signage Evans Freight, Ant Leathart, Anthony Botha, Dennis Farrelly, David Simpson.
 Broom Wagon Lionel Ashford
 Media Co-ordinator Lyn Daly, Nicky Jeffrey, Sarah van Boheemen.
 Media Cue TV (Tom Conroy), MoreFM (Julian Ineson), The Southland Times (Nathan Burdon), Television One (Blair Norton), Sky Television (Jon Bridges and John Cardwell), TV3 (Dave Goosselink), Radio Sport (Brenton Vannisselroy).
 Media Motorbikes Steve Dalton, Graeme Howie, Waine Harding, Graeme Bergh.
 Photographers Barry Harcourt (The Southland Times), Peter Bruggeman (Independent), Dianne Manson (NZPA), James Jubb (Independent).
 New Zealand Police Sergeant Peter Graham, Sergeant Wing Ng, Sergeant Peter Daly, Constable Colin Smith, Constable Kevin Guthrie, S/Constable Colin Johansen, Constable Blair Dalton, Constable Bruce Glass, S/Constable Chris Haines, A/Sergeant Greg Thomas, S/Constable Alan Johnston, Constable Glen Knipe.
 Police Youth Education Constable Fenton Herrick, Constable Martin Lohrey
 Ambulance St John Ambulance
 Race Doctors Dr Stephen Fish, Dr Ajti Johri
 Communications Brendon Sheehy, Tony Scannell