2020 Prologue - Riverside Rentals Team Time Trial

Sunday 29th October 2023


Stage 1 - 42km

Start Time
Start Location
Gala Street, Invercargill
Finish Time
Finish Location
Gala Street, Invercargill

Prologue Map - 4.2km


Prologue Elevation

Teams' Time Trial


The Teams' Time Trial is a single lap of  the Gala Street, Queens Drive, Herbert Street, Kelvin Street block. Racing starts at Feldwick Gates and ends on Gala Street. The total distance is 4.2 kilometres. Teams depart at 2 minute intervals.

Time Team
3:00pm Onya Bike 1.5m (OYB) 
3:02pm BJ Carter Builders and Insulators (BJC) 
3:04pm C Brown Builders - Olphert Contracting (CBO) 
3:06pm Business South (BSS) 
3:08pm RushVelo-Ridely (RVR) 
3:10pm Circuit Asphalt (CCA) 
3:12pm Real Journeys (RJS)
3:14pm BlackMax Nutrition (BMN) 
3:16pm Coupland's Bakeries (CPB) 
3:18pm Central Benchmakers - Willbike (CBW) 
3:20pm Meridian Energy (MEN) 
3:22pm Creation Signs - MitoQ (CSM) 
3:24pm Base Solutions Racing (BSR) 
3:26pm Vet4Farm (VFF) 
3:28pm Black Spoke Pro Cycling Academy (BSP) 
3:30pm PowerNet (PNL) 
3:32pm Transport Engineering Southland - Talley's (TET)