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General Classification


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2021 yellowEach stage of the Tour will have a stage winner. Time bonuses are awarded in seconds to the first, second and third cyclist of each stage. The first rider across the line in the fastest team in Stage 1 - the Teams Time Trial - will be awarded the Yellow Jersey.  In each ensuing stage, each cyclist's stage times are aggregated and the cyclist with the lowest aggregate time after each stage is awarded the Yellow Jersey.  This cyclists retains the jersey until another competitor records a lower aggregate time.

The overall general classification winner is the rider with the fastest time when all the stage results are added together. This person has the honour of wearing the yellow jersey.

Riders can earn bonus time points for sprints and hill climbs at specific points during each stage. Time bonuses are deducted off the riders time for the stage. Winning time bonuses means that it is possible to win the general classification without winning a stage at the Tour!

Riders who finish in a bunch are all awarded the same time and subtractions are made for those who have won time bonuses during the stage.

Riders earn money depending what their general classification is at the end of each stage and for being placed in the intermediate sprints and hill climbs during the stage.

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Under 23 Classification


Henderson2021 U23

The leading young rider is determined by the general classification results, including time bonuses for all riders who are eligible to ride in the UCI Under 23 category. All riders born between 1 January 1999 and 31 December 2002 shall be included, based on the 2021 licensing year.

The Under 23 classification jersey is a "can't be missed" florescent pink and is worn by the leading young rider.

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King of Mountain Classification


2021 KOM

Most stages of the Tour feature at least one gut busting King of the Mountain hill climb.  Riders earn points for the first three placings on each pre-determined hill climb.

The SBS Bank Tour of Southland KOM is decided over 16 hills and 2 stage finishes.

The KOM jersey is very visible with red polka dots on a white background. The current winner has the honour of wearing the jersey during the next stage.  This cyclist retains the KOM jersey until another rider has accumulated more points from hill climb placings. 

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Sprint Ace Classification


2021 sprint

Points are awarded for all sprints. Sprints are at pre-determined points in most stages.

There are 74 sprints in the SBS Bank Tour of Southland. The cyclist who has won the most sprints wears the vibrant green Sprint Ace jersey. This cyclist retains the Sprint jersey until another rider has accumulated more points from sprint placings.

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Silver Jersey Classification


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The Stonewood Homes Silver jersey will be awarded to the leading rider in the "35 years of age plus" classification after each stage and worn by the recipient the following day.  Please note that the age restriction that applies to this Classification has been altered from previous years.

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Most Combative Jersey


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The McLeay Jewellers Most Combative jersey will be awarded to the rider judged to have done the most to animate a stage, whether by a long solo break, repeatedly attacking the peloton, driving the breakaway, or being the last man standing from a long break. 

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Team Classification



The Team Classification is decided by calculating the times for the three fastest riders in a team for each day.

No jerseys are worn by the leading team but money is awarded to the first twelve teams at the end of each day.

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