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Tour History

In 1956, Southland cycling officials were invited to submit an event to mark the Invercargill city centenary celebrations. A group of enthusiasts met locally and on Saturday 27 September 1956, the Mayor of Invercargill, Mr Abraham Wachner fired the starting pistol outside of the old Post Office in Dee Street, to officially start the inaugural Tour of Southland.  With gravel roads and blustery northerly winds to contend with, Kelvin Hastie from Dunedin prevailed in the three day event and had the honour of being the victor in the first Tour of Southland, an event that would gain high profile for both the sport of Cycling and the province over future years.  

From its modest beginnings as a three day event, the Tour has always caught the imagination of the Southland people and the public have traditionally turned out in numbers to see the high profiled event travelling literally past their back doors.

Many of New Zealand's champion cyclists have competed in the Tour of Southland during their careers. Names such as Warwick Dalton, Tino Tabak, Stephen Cox, Jack Swart, Paul Jesson, Graeme Miller, Brian Fowler and others, became household names in Southland and for many of these riders, the Tour of Southland featured prominently in their illustrious careers.

Over the years, the Tour has taken regular progressive steps to ensure the events popularity and success with the most significant change coming in 1995 when the event successfully made the transition to a team's event and in 2002 when the event gained UCI status and became a registered category 2.2 UCI international Tour.

In recent years, the Tour of Southland has attracted many international riders but during its 60 years of history there have only been three international riders who have won the Tour - Mel Powell (Australia) back in 1964 and American rider John Lieswyn in both 2002 and 2004. Mitchell Lovelock-Fay - Australia 2014.

Past Winners


1956 K. Hastie Dunedin
1957 T. Tindale Invercargill
1958 No Tour  
1959 W. Dalton Auckland
1960 G. Ulmer Wellington
1961 W. Dalton Invercargill
1962 A. Walsh Auckland
1963 R. Johnstone Auckland
1964 M. Powell Australia
1965 T. Tabak Christchurch
1966 T. Tabak Christchurch
1967 T. Tabak Christchurch
1968 M. Davis Invercargill
1969 W. Dalton Auckland
1970 D. Gee Wellington
1971 J. Dean Wellington
1972 B. Stockwell Christchurch
1973 M. Hughes Invercargill
1974 B. Ramsay Christchurch
1975 C. Hogan Christchurch
1976 P. Jesson Christchurch
1977 W. Perkinson Auckland
1978 P. Jesson Christchurch
1979 E. McKenzie Kawerau
1980 A. Cuff Palmerston North
1981 S. Cox Hamilton
1982 S. Cox Hamilton
1983 J. Swart Hamilton
1984 J. Swart Hamilton
1985 B. Fowler Christchurch
1986 B. Fowler Christchurch
1987 B. Fowler Christchurch
1988 B. Fowler Christchurch
1989 B. Fowler Christchurch
1990 B. Fowler Christchurch
1991 S. Lowe Christchurch
1992 B. Fowler Christchurch
1993 L. Burt Christchurch
1994 D. Bath Invercargill
1995 B. Fowler Christchurch
1996 G. McCauley Dunedin
1997 G. Miller Auckland
1998 S Guyton Rotorua
1999 G. Miller Auckland
2000 G. Mitchell Hamilton
2001 K. Moore Te Awamutu
2002 J. Lieswyn United States
2003 S. Guyton Rotorua
2004 J. Lieswyn United States
2005 G. McCauley Auckland
2006 H. Roulston Ashburton
2007 H. Roulston Ashburton
2008 H. Roulston Ashburton
2009 H. Blackgrove Waimate
2010 H. Roulston Ashburton
2011 J. Atkins Christchurch
2012 M. Northey Auckland
2013 J. Oram Auckland
2014 M. Lovelock-Fay Australia
2015 B. Evans Dunedin
2016 A. Gate Auckland
2017 J. Piccoli Canada
2018 M. Vink Christchurch