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Monday 8th

James McCoy - Awesome week at Tour Of Southland with my team, 3 riders top 16 on GC, Josh Atkins won u23 jersey, 4th on teams GC. Rest time now.


Saturday 6th

Hayden Godfrey - Southland tour speeches. Interesting........ Coopers was best. How bout that ride in...

Pure Black Racing - Tour of Southland winners speeches.......... classic!

Hayden Godfrey - Tour of Southland prize giving. Subway Avanti relaxing and having a fun night.

Josh Atkins - Tour of southland u23 champ. Booom. Good week. Time for some good yarns eh

Hayden Godfrey - Lovegrove getting the haircut he needs.

Greg Henderson - I won another stage of ToS. Productive day for CalderStewart/BikeNZ team. 2 stage wins and the yellow jersey. Roly wins tour by 2 secs.

Myron Simpson - Tour of Southland over! I'm pretty happy with how I went, also a good last day for the PowerNet team. Roly takes yellow on last day!

Pure Black Racing - HUGE week for the team! Southland done for another year.

Sam Horgan - Roll on Southland stage ten, yeah!

James Williamson - Didn't get to finish southland this year. A couple of days being sick and not eating. Good to see the team pull thru for a good result!

Nick Lovegrove - Race finished. Good week for Subway Avanti considering crash on day 1. Cooper outstanding with stage win and kom jersey. A few beers now

Kelly Chapman - Tour of Southland = inspiration. Respect to all the riders!

Pure Black Racing - Set up down here for the start of stage 8. Two to go, not time to set up just yet...

Josh Atkins - Southland breakfast last day. Watching everyone push their food around. A few tweaked looking people around haha

Firday 5th

Pure Black Racing - Big last day tomorrow. Boys are pumped to finish this tour off strongly! The team has been awesome this week. May the Black Magic continue!

Josh Atkins - Italian restaurant in Te Anau is off the hook. Good times with team.

Jesse Sergent - Tour of Southland looks like its heating up........will be interesting tomorrow, T.A.B here I come.

Josh Atkins - Felt better today and gave it my Best nudge for a top stage finish. Didn't work out. Roly and Bauer smacked it. Looking forward to tommorow!

Pure Black Racing - Awesome ride by Mark Langlands in today's breakaway. Picking up the sprints for team mate Roman van Uden. Another day in Green.

Greg Henderson - Great day for Calder Stewart/BikeNZ.Dropped the yellow now 3sec off yellow.Would like to say I was instrumental but that wud b a lie.

Joe Cooper - Boom just like that it's back to normal southland wet weather

Nathan Burdon - Wet day on the Tour of Southland today - glad I'm in the car

Sam Horgan - Good morning rain and wind, I've missed you so far this tour

Hayden Godfrey - Finally some real Southland weather has arrived. The guys will embrace it.... I will turn the heater up in the car.

Thursday 4th

Gordon McCauley - The Share the Road boys rested me today so I can hit the front for the big stage tomorrow..it's gonna hurt

Myron Simpson - stage up to Queenstown today was good, block head wind most of the way, sun was out at the top of Crown Range. NZ is an amazing country!

Brad Carter - Went ok up crown range bt nt great legs were pretty rubbish all day here at southland!

Cyclingnews.com - Yates praises classy Roulston after motorbike collision: New Zealand gets its own version of ‘chaingate’

Joe Cooper - Sunburn my best day

James Williamson - From bad to worse here. Sick today, couldnt keep food down = no energy and no fun

Greg Henderson - Love my country. Racing around these parts.

Greg Henderson - Most amazing scenery here in NZ today heading into Queenstown. Still good weather. Really enjoyed today's race.

Hayden Godfrey - The race just hit the lake. Cooper in the break!

Josh Atkins - Loving Tour of Southland so far. Big day ahead 135km to Crown Range. I'm Hungry.

Wednesday 3rd

Sam Bewley - Congrats to couple good mates on their wins today at southland, hendy and mike northey. Happy for mike, been long time coming! Well deserved

Greg Henderson - Good old fashioned kiwi roast for dinner. Pumpkin Kumera Potato Beef. Can't beat it. Oh and I sprinkled some greens on for the healthy side

Myron Simpson - long hot day in the sun 2day. yeahhh the cross winds, spiced it up a bit. Up 2 crown range tomorro, looks like the weather might b changing!

Greg Henderson - Long aggressive days racing.This morn I won the sprint to the line.This arvo CalderStewart/BikeNz team attacked 4 yellow.No luck.To strong

Nick Lovegrove - invercargil warmer than auckland today. No complaints but seriously, WTF is going on!

Josh Atkins - Mint day today. Good racing but wind not strong enough! Had a few digs and legs feel mean. Crown range tomorrow. Woooooo

Pure Black Racing - An awesome buzz! The teams first stage win. And what a day with a 2nd in the morning and two green jerseys!

Sam Horgan - Just smashed a footlong meatball sub w/ bacon and avc. Hard 195km double day today

James Williamson - Wheel buckled and hanger bent when someone rode in2 it.stil managed a place in the stage

Pure Black Racing - Behind the podium http://yfrog.com/76gukj

James Williamson - Love the finsh in tuatapere of stage 4.rolled 3rd.feeling good! 100k this afty

Josh Atkins - That was a nice recovery stage 88km & fast finish. 101km Tuatapere-Winton woop should be good.

Subway-Avanti - Another great day for a bike race in Southland! Racing underway in fantastic conditions. Heading west to tuatapere

Hayden Godfrey - National sandwich day. Hoping @ can deliver another stage of the Tour of Southland today for @

Gordon McCauley - 190km of engine building coming up!

Greg Henderson - Double day today. 90k this morn. 100k in the arvo. And...again...sunshine for the day. Weird! Something is going on here.

Tuesday 2nd

Pure Black Racing - Boys are G'd for tomorrow. Its going to be a BIG Wednesday and not because of the lotto draw!

Nathan Burdon (Southland Times) - Okay bauer didn't go big today. Gordie will tomorrow though

Chad Adair - Tour tan lines already! Haha warm tour so far... Till Thursday anyway. http://yfrog.com/5jwjgfj.

Chad Adair - Glad I got trough today feeling reasonable, last 20km wasn't ideal, just a bit **** frm crash today, but wil be saweeet 2mo I'm thinking! :)

Greg Henderson - Eeeeek. Might have bitten off more than I can chew.

James Williamson - Subway bounces back to the top.took out all the koms.cooper took an epic stage win

Josh Atkins - Was good but not enough in tank. Blew to bits big time. Guttered! Congrats to Joe Cooper.He was stomping.

Pure Black Racing - Awesome day for PureBlack. Great team ride to secure Green for another day with Roman while Mike moves into 2nd. Super fast stage!

Cycling Southland - Mint day for Day Two of PowerNet Tour. Slap on the screen boys - she's going to be a hot one

John McKenzie (enthuse) - Awesome start to the tour of Southland! Great support for subway Avanti and Calder Stewart/bikenz http://twitpic.com/3320mn

Subway Avanti - Massive support for subway Avanti team at start today tour of Southland stage 3 http://twitpic.com/331s8j

Hayden Godfrey - The riders leave the velodrome for the 2nd days ToS stage. http://yfrog.com/nci0ikj

Gordon McCauley - Looks like a nice day to ride tempo for 160km

Monday 1st

Taylor Gunman - Reported missing: 1 right bum cheek. currently being replaced by bandages and some T.L.C.

Myron Simpson - first day at Southland didn't go too bad. Got caught up in the crash about 5km from bottom of Bluff but got back on my bike and made it up!

Alex Meenhorst - Wearing the KOM jersey tomorrow, good day in the break but caught with 1km to go... Always tomorrow :)

Hayden Godfrey - The Vink has a wee hole in his leg. Comment he will be on the start line for sure tomorrow. http://yfrog.com/nbtjuvj

NZ Pro Cycling (Team Motatapu) - Nice first day in the Tour, 8th in TTT, Sam Steele in the day long breakaway, good day all round

Pure Black Racing - Southland in a nutshell. Just when you think a day will roll through without incident BOOM it catches you off guard. A nasty crash 9km to go

James Williamson - Arm pretty swollen and cut up. Still made it to the finish but a crash mucked up the team for another year

Greg Henderson - Big crash I heard. Hope everyone is alright and can start tomorrow.

Hayden Godfrey - At the hospital with Michael Vink after a bad crash today. Full credit, the tough bugger finished the stage. Will see about tomorrow.

Sam Horgan - disaster of a stage this arvo with all of my teammates crashing ten km from bluff. I gave it everything but was tired from working all day

Josh Atkins - Crashed 5km from bottom of Bluff. Not Ideal at all. Blown by bottom of climb. D.Barry and Fig went good!!

Sam Bewley - Following the live reports for tour of southland, they are just about to hit the bottom of bluff hill. Eeek, 2.5km at 16% with steeper parts

Joe Cooper - Eggs for mid day snack went down very nicely

Greg Henderson - We won. (TTT) Great team ride. 15th stage win for me now. I'm getting old. Defend yellow this afternoon.

Cycling Southland - Underway at PowerNet Tour 2010. Team Time Trial under overcast skies. Great conditions to start what will be a great event