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We believe in building your brand – not ours. It’s about building your name and your business.

We do it by providing quality entertainment, the best performing systems and a well designed gaming environment that’s best for your venue. And we’re also the best in returning funding to the local community.



Building Your Brand   Pub Charity

Building your brand – not ours: entertainment by design focuses on ensuring you have the best performing gaming machines and ancillary equipment, within a premium environment.


The best possible gaming machines


We run over 1,800 gaming machines, making us one of the largest operators in the country. We provide our customers with the latest and highest performing machines - the best from the international marketplace. These are reviewed quarterly and non performing games will be replaced to improve turnover. We also specialise in multi-game format machines to give your customers maximum choice.

The best possible gaming atmosphere


The way a gaming room looks, and the way it's laid out, are as much a part of the success of a gaming room as anything else. At Pub Charity we use design and colour consultants to ensure your gaming room provides an enjoyable experience, and captures the essence or theme of your venue through layout, design, colour and ambience.

The best possible results


Knowing and understanding your business will allow us to integrate the gaming business and your venues core business seamlessly.

Building your brand – not ours: optimum systems performance. Ensuring our support functions constantly deliver high standards of customer service.

Your support team


No matter whether your business is large or small, we will work with you to increase patronage. Your Area Manager is responsible for making sure all your gaming machines are performing at their optimum - to ensure zero-rated down time. Plus they'll keep you up to date with what's happening in your area and what the competition's doing. Service managers provide 18-hour maintenance and support for all systems and technology to ensure your machines run smoothly. Your service managers will also provide specialist training and development for compliance, specialist software, cash management and daily reconciliation.

The technology


In the last 15 years technology has grown significantly. We know technology is a tool that has been under utilised in gaming environments, so we'll offer you broadband connection, a desktop computer with premium software and a printer. These tools ensure you'll be able to seamlessly manage your gaming machines. You'll get access to specifically designed software which captures relevant and important information from he Department of Internal Affairs EMS system. A report is generated to assist with daily and weekly financial management of each gaming machine in a particular venue. Holding a Class 4 Gambling License is a huge responsibility. We'll ensure you can operate within a secure environment by installing a tamper free security system for your gaming area.

#1 in community funding


No one focuses harder than Pub Charity at putting funds back where they matter - your local community.

The law requires that a minimum of 37.12% of gaming machine profits is returned to the community. Pub Charity’s policy is to always return more than this minimum. And we never forget the simple fact that without the support of our Venue Operators, there would be no funds. So we make a point of ensuring that 95% of donation funds raised are returned to the community from where they came. The efforts of our Venue Operators, through the donations made to the community, make a huge difference to the lives of the local people.  

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